About Us:

Our parent company was established in 2009 and comprises of two successful recruitment businesses. The company owners have worked in the recruitment sector for a combined 35 years having primarily dealt with large and blue chip companies that would fall within the levy paying category. Having acquired such an in-depth knowledge of clients, we are extremely well positioned to match the right apprentices to large company and blue chip environments.
Having met with and understood businesses and their needs for many years we are very well positioned to provide advice and share corporate scenarios on how to get the best business solutions from your levy!

Our services include:

  • Partnering clients to maximise benefit from their apprentice strategy.
  • Search and selection of the right Apprentices to meet your business requirements.
  • Specifying the Apprenticeship training modules to optimise ‘in job’ performance.
  • Providing upskill training for existing employees.
  • Providing tailored services in order to seamlessly integrate/interface with your apprentice hiring managers and/or HR team.
  • Providing updates and consultation on current and changing legislation bringing information to you, saving valuable time.

All of our team are experts in their field!

Why us?

The Apprentice and Training Partnership has been set up as a levy client specialist, we offer a full consultancy and apprentice placement services specifically for clients in the levy category.

11 of the most important levy payer questions!

  1. Are there ways where I can utilise this levy to actually improve the profitability of my business even though I will have to pay this additional cost from May 2017?
  2. What is my 1-5 year strategy to ensure I utilise my levy contributions?
  3. I need to use it or lose it, but is there a valid business case for just losing part or all of it?
  4. What are all the best ways to utilise the levy to benefit my company through my existing employees?
    • Can I upskill to improve delivery and reduce potential risk?
    • Can I develop existing staff for succession planning?
    • Can I improve staff retention?
  5. What positions and roles can I recruit apprentices into where they can be equally as effective as other employees but save cost in salary differences?
  6. How can I utilise apprentices to reduce the need for and cost of temporary staff?
  7. What are the departments where apprentices are going to be most effective and the lowest risk?
  8. What are the departments and roles in which apprentices are at greatest risk of failure, causing management down time and potential disruption?
  9. What types of apprentice could be genuine viable alternatives to graduates we recruit?
  10. What do I need within my business to efficiently run the apprentice programme as an employer?
  11. What differences are there in employment law for apprentice trainees vs other employees?

If you feel you may benefit from chatting through any of the above questions then please contact us and we will arrange a meeting or a discussion.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are work-based learning programmes where on-the-job and off-the-job training lead to the achievement of nationally recognised qualifications.
Our apprenticeships are scoped from the available modules within the chosen training programme to most closely meet your role requirements.

We offer all our employers:

  • Support and guidance for the apprentice and employer from start to finish
  • Employer and apprentice access to a comprehensive range of resources and support material via our online e-portfolio system
  • Time-efficient assessment visits scheduled to work around you
  • Regular feedback on apprentice progress and development via e-portfolio and structured progress reviews with their dedicated assessor
  • Industry specialist qualified trainers and assessors
  • English and Maths upskilling (as required)

Why employ an Apprentice?

The Apprentice and Training Partnership is committed to help employers fill roles where there is a shortage of qualified workers, or train existing staff ensuring ambitious individuals fulfill their potential. Through working in industry alongside gaining qualifications hiring apprentices or upskilling your staff offers solutions to youth unemployment, helps businesses grow and retain good staff as well as contributing positively to local and national skills shortages.

There is no limit to the number of Apprentices you can hire or the different job roles you can hire for!

Speak to one of our consultants for a no-obligation chat or for us to help you answer any questions you may have.